Georg Debono, someone who believed in us from day one, someone you definitley need to keep under you radar. Just 23 years old and being in the scene as a DJ for months he has already started to make a name for himself attracting the attention of various promoters. His loyal crowd give him the confidence to keep pushing his boundaries.  

With a passion for underground electronic music, GEORG (MT) his tastes ranging between melodic and progressive house to varied shades of techno, GEORG strives to deliver quality through impactful selections coupled with clean mixing. 

This year was meant to be his breathough year, the year everyone heard who GEORG really is. Though once the covid effect came in to play he was also hit and lost many valuable gigs. Most noticeably was the GRINGOS summer event - he was part of a 3 DJ line up, including headliner DEBORAH DE LUCA. The event was so close that you would drive by one of Malta's busiest roads and see a billboad promoting the event and line up. Sadly it just wasn't meant to be, but hope is not lost and Georg knows that when the time is right he will be back better than ever.

To make up for some lost ground Georg decided to put together his second edition of GALACTIC. This time taking us to the Popeye Village cliff side. He wanted to stay engaged with his crowd and he managed with great style as his stream received varous high quality feedback. This stream was filmed in collaboration with LIVESTREAM. We supplied the gear and they supplied the cams to broadcast. A joint effort that resulted in a very well produced stream. 

Georg can be seen DJing on two CDJ 2000 NEXUS2 & 1 DJM 900NEXUS2 , listening to his mix on two active monitors from HK AUDIO. We started filming pre sunset so we knew we needed some lighting to put some effect and overall light up the set. We kept it quite raw with just two uplighters on Georg himself and then a laser pointing at the black sheet that we had covering our dj stand. Getting to the filming point was also another stretch with at least 200m of incline walking on uneven ground, but we did it, and it was worth it.

Here is Georg for 1 hour! 



What makes Malta's clubbing scene unique is the drive you see from DJs to make a name for themselves and become a househould name in an industry which is very small when you compare it to other countries worldwide. If you've been clubbing in Malta at any point in the past 20 years then you've probably heard about one of Malta's best, our friend JJOY. Someone who you would still find headling Malta's main events but now also keeps up with managing his business and family. A man who we will always remember for his positive energy, always bringing a buzz to any DJ stand. He's also had his fair share of foreign gigs in several top global clubs, at a point also maintaining a residency in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. 

JJOY has been also hosting his own events for several years , in his past attracting crowds in the thousands on a regular basis, he is one of Malta's top veteran products in the game. Like everybody else though he is human and like many was directly hit by the corona virus pandemic. Being left without any chance to engage with his crowd he quickly took to social media and announced he would be doing a livestream for charity which would be thankfully produced by TechPlus. 

DAR BJORN is the beneficiary chosen by JJOY for his first stream of this 3 series production. This complex was opened by the ALS Malta Foundation in November 2017. The ALS Malta Foundation aims to raise awareness about ALS and MND. This facility is designed to provide extensive care for patiens suffering from this conditions.

We take you to the Mistra Battery, formerly also known as Despirasse Battery, is an artillery battery in Mistra Bay, Mellieħa, Malta. It was built by the Order of Saint John in the 18th century as one of a series of coastal fortifications around the coasts of the Maltese Islands. It isn't the most popular tourist spot due to its limited accessibility we thought it would be a great attraction behind the lens. With St Paul's islands acting as a backdrop we couldn't go wrong.

This time we had full production handled by Techplus. Power source all the way up to filming, editing and broadcasting. We had three frontal cameras together with a drone to get all the shots we needed. JJOY is playing on two CDJ 2000 NEXUS 2 + DJM 900 NEXUS 2. On each side of his ears he has a 15'' monitor from HK AUDIO wedged on the floor, blasting out 600w of continous power, when needed, to ensure he hears a clear mix. 

Setting up and dismantling was no walk in the park.

Stream for Charity at Mistra Battery with JJOY from TechPlus Malta on Vimeo.

The very beginning of the pandemic was a very difficult time for us at Techplus. It came exactly just before one of our favourite days of the year. St Patrick's day 2020.

For us, St Patrick's normally means street parties, tower sound systems, people packed like sardines & most importantly a hell of a time.

We normally lead one of the biggest areas during the daily event. Triq Ir-Ross as pictured in the side image is usually where the madness goes down. Unfortunately on the 7th of March we were shook with how our life changed in a matter of minutes. As soon as the first few cases were launched it was a total meltdown. All our clients instantly cancelled or moved their events until further notice, leaving us in the dark. We also cancelled the clubnights that we used to manage resulting in a complete cut of our income. The future at that point was very blury. Thankfully we pulled through and have a success story to write.

Now, back to our livestream. EDD - Still upcoming but already very established DJ in the local scene, this young lad has a very special place in the techplus heart. He has been working with us on a freelance basis for years and since then has grown up and still has a long way to go. He has a passion for house music especially anything disco. With a great musical ear he is showing great potential in his production skills and has already had tracks feature internationally and on all major local radio staitons.

During the begining of lockdown there was practically no chance of meeting any people. ED had still been coming to the garage so we thought it was a great opportunity to carry out a livestream as promotion for what we should have been doing on that day, getting absolutely pissed dancing to our favourite tracks.

Anyways, here is EDD from Techplus HQ, for the next hour!


St Patrick's Day 2020 Live Stream with EDD from TechPlus Malta on Vimeo.

During the first wave of the pandemic it was essential to find new ways to generate revenue and keep our business alive. Luckily we managed to keep our DJs engaged with their crowd and the result was a series of livestreams.

We're taking you to one of our favourite locations with two of our favourite DJs. This livestream was aired on the 24th of April and was produced in collaboration with 'LiveStream'.

The artists in the video are Maltese duo Monochrome. Music is of a progressive underground genre. Expect smooth melodies and a deep basslines as they take us through their 45 minute set.

In the video you can see scenes from the Ghargur Valley on the outskirts of Madliena and Ghargur. A drone, two GoPros as well as an HDR camera were used to Film, all filming equipment sourced by 'LiveStream'

We set up a standard DJ stand with NEXUS2 CDJs+ Mixer. A 15'' Monitor from HK audio can be seen on the stand and another is wedged on the ground.

Two moving heads were also added to set the vibe. The moving heads were set to standalone mode and no DMX was used.

In this case we did not need to provide a power solution as it was filmed on private property which is powered.

We are looking for experienced sound technicians to be on site before & during our events being able to manage a set up team and monitor equipment safely on site.

As a sound technician, it's your responsibility to assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix or reproduce sound. You'll identify the sound requirements for a given task or situation and perform the appropriate actions to produce this sound.

Individual must speak English fluently and Maltese is a +
Driving License is also a +

Hours will regularly not exceed 5-7 hours a week and will increase over the summer months. 


16, Triq Salvu Bonanno,
San Gwann.


+356 99045311



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