Active Loud Speakers

An active loudspeaker is so as it will have an amplifier installed in to the speaker cabinet itself. This is convenient as you would only need to carry the speaker and a power cable besides accessories such as tripod stands. Once the speaker is powered on you can control the volume from the rear, as well as connect inputs such as a mobile phone or a DJ Mixer.


JBL EON15 Active Loud Speakers
The JBL EON15 G2 boasts far more power than its predecessor with 300 watts of power dedicated to the low-end and 100 watts going to the high frequencies. The EON15 G2 performs powerfully and effeciently thanks to JBL's exclusive Thermomaster technology. This unique design uses a single cast aluminum baffle to draw heat away from heat producing elements. The heat then dissipates out of the finned ports thanks to the forced air created by the woofer.
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EV ZLX 15P Active Loud Speakers
A self- amplfied speaker with multiple inputs! The ZLX-15 gives you the confidence of the industry’s most trusted components – engineered to exacting standards to bring exceptional EV audio quality for larger applications, with or without a subwoofer.
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HK Audio Premium PR:O 15 Active Loud Speakers
THE MOST RENTED PRODUCT This truly multifunctional cab gets the job done nicely as a satellite, as a compact 15″/1″ fullrange cabinet, or as a low-profile stage monitor. Its balanced frequency response defeats feedback and the Music/Speech knob tunes the unit for the given application. The integrated DSP-based power circuitry delivers 1,200 watts. And all this makes the PR:O 15 XD an exceptionally powerful sound reinforcement tool.
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DB technologies opera 15 Active Loud Speakers
Exceptional power and a unique acoustic design combine in order to deliver a vigorous yet accurate audio performance, successfully adaptable to both playback and live music applications.
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HK Premium Pro 115 FD2 Active Loud Speakers
This speaker offers extended low-mid and bass reproduction thanks to the 15 ″ speaker, making it ideal for standalone use or with an additional subwoofer.
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JBL SRX835P Active Loud Speakers
JBL SRX835P, Speaker with 15" 6" 1,5", 2.000 Watt amplifier, LCD-Display for control, Netzwerk App for Android und thomann iOS, 35 mm pole mount, M10-rigging point, 33 Hz -21 kHz (-10 dB), SPL Max: 137 dB, 60°x40°, 20 parametric EQs, up to 2 Sec Delay, 50 user presets, 2x XLR/1/4" jack inputs, dimensions: 984 x 544 x 476 mm, (HxBxT), weight: 38,6 kg
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Column Speakers Array DB ES802 Active Loud Speakers
ES802 is a portable biamped sound system composed by two passive tops and one 12” subwoofer.
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